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 Diccionario WH 40K

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Comisario Especialista

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MensajeTema: Diccionario WH 40K   Mar Abr 19, 2011 7:45 am

Por si os animais a leer en foros en inglés, aquí os dejos una lista con la terminología y abreviaturas más frecuentes:

General 40k-terms

2+/5++ = Saves, one + means normal or armour save, ++ means invulnerable.
40k = Warhammer 40000
40K = Warhammer 40K
AV = armour values ( a vehicle)
BBB = Big Black Book, the 3rd edition rulebook
BGB = Big Grey Book, the 4th edition rulebook.
BRB = Big Red Book. Current rulebook.
BTB = Base to base
CA = Chapter Approved (books or WD articles)
CC = Close Combat or Assault, can also be HTH (Hand-to-Hand)
CCW = Close Combat Weapon
Cheese/ Cheesy/ Beardy = A cheesy army is one that is immensely overpowered and goes against the golden rule of being fun. An army that is built for no other purpose than to win, basically.
GW = GamesWorkshop
Fluff = Fluff is just the background story. To be fluffy is to fit in with the background of the army.
HTH = Hand to Hand (Close Combat)
IC = Independant Character, usually a HQ choice
LOS = Line of Sight
Nerf = (verb) A new rule, FAQ, Codex, or the like that reduces the lethality or effectiveness of a given unit or wargear item.
OOP = Out-Of-Production/Print
RAW = Rules As Written
RT = Rogue Trader: the original version of WH40k
TAR = Trial Assault Rules (for 3rd ed)
TLOS = True Line of Sight
TVR = Trial Vehicle Rules (for 3rd ed)
VDR = Vehicle Design Rules.
VP = Victory Points
WD = White Dwarf, GW hobby magazine
WYSIWYG = what you see is what you get

Special 40k-terms
DCCW = Dreadnought close combat weapon
Dred = Dreadnought (or was it -naught?)
FA = Fast Attack
Fist = Power Fist (This natrally causes that chain fist is not abbreviated..)
FoF/ FoC = Fleet of Foot/Claw, a method of moving faster
HB = Heavy Bolter
HF = Heavy Flamer
HQ: Headquarters
HS = Heavy support
IA = Index Astartes, GW compilation of Space Marine articles
LC = LasCannon
LS = Land Speeder
MC = Monstrous creature
MCW = Master-Crafted Weapon
MEq / MEQ = Marine equivalent-armies (denotes marines, csm, necrons and some other with the same statline. Many variants include TEQ for Terminators and GEQ for Guardsman or Guardian equivalent models)
MG = Meltagun
ML = Missile Launcher
MM = Multi-melta
Pred = Predator
Tr = troops

Armies of 40k
BA = Blood Angels
BT = Black Templars or Biel Tan Eldar Craftworld or BloodThirster Daemon
Crons = Necrons
CSM = Chaos Space Marines
DA = Dark Angels or Dire Avengers (Eldar Aspect shrine)
DE = Dark Eldar
IG = Imperial Guard
IH = Iron Hands, loyalist Marines
IW = Iron Warriors, Chaos Maines
LatD = Lost and the Damned
LotD, LoD = Legion of the Damned
Nids = Tyranids
SM = Space Marines
Smurfs = Space Marines
SOB = Sisters of Battle
SW = Space Wolves
UM = UltraMarines
Vanilla Eldar = Army made from basic Codex:Eldar
Vanilla SM = Army made from basic Codex:Space Marines
WS = White Scars, Weapon Skill

Other game-related terms

BFG = Battlefleet Gothic (space-based GW game)
FB = Warhammer Fantasy Battles
LOTR: lord of the rings
WHFB = Warhammer Fantasy Battles

Chaos-related terms
1k Sons = Thousand Sons (Pure Tzeentch Legion, masters of sorcery)
AC = Aspiring Champion
AL = Alpha Legion (Undivided Legion, terrorists)
Asp = Aspiring champion
BL = Black Legion (Undivided Legion, main chaos legion)
CSM = chaos space marine
DG = Death Guard (Pure Nurgle Legion, tougher than last year's t-bone)
EC = Emperor's Champion, or alternatively Emperor's Children, a Chaos Legion
EC = Emperor's Children (Pure Slaanesh Legion, higher initiative, sound-oriented weapons)
GUO = Great Unclean One, Chaos Daemon
IW = Iron Warriors (Undivided Legion, seige kings)
KOS = Keeper of Secrets, Chaos Daemon
LOC = Lord of Change, Chaos Daemon
NL = Night Lords (Undivided Legion, speed daemons)
Obi = Obliterator
Possu = Possessed Marine (might not work for you english-speakers, though..)
TS = Thousand Sons (Pure Tzeentch Legion, masters of sorcery)
WB = Word Bearers (Undivided Legion, heavy daemon users)
WE = World Eaters (Pure Khorne Legion, combat gods)

Dark Eldar Terms
Dis or DS = Disintegrator
DL = Dark Lance
GOS = Goblet of Spite
Grot = Grotesque
Haemie = Haemonculus
SC = Splinter Cannon
Sniper Squad = 10 Warriors with 2 Dark Lances
T.Helm = Tormentor Helm = Wych Weapons
WWP = WebWay Portal, Dark Eldar wargear

Eldar and Harlequin Terms

BL = Bright Lance
COTYK = Court of the Young King
CTM = crystal targeting matrix
D-Cannon = Distortion Cannon
DJ = DeathJester, a Harlequin
DR = Dark Reapers
EDS = Exarch delivery-system
EML = Eldar Missile Launcher
GH = Great Harlequin
hf = holo field
mini Seer Council: In a non ulthwe army, taking a farseer with warlock retinue as one HQ choice, and then joining the independent character of another farseer as the second HQ choice.
row= runes of witnessing
SC = Starcannon / Seer Council
Shuricat = shurican catapult
SoK = Spear of Khaine
sp = spirit stones or shuriken pistol
SS = ShadowSeer, a Harlequin
SS = Striking Scorpions or Shining Spears
USF= ulthwe strike force
V-cannon = Vibro cannon
VoT = Veil of Tears
WB = Witchblade
WG = WraithGate
WL = WraithLord (Eldar Dreadnought)
WS = Wave Serpent, Eldar vehicle

Imperial Guard-related terms
AC – Autocannon or Armoured Company
AF – Armoured Fist
AT - Anti-tank
CoD = Close Order DrillL
DT – Drop Troops
GL – Grenade Launcher
HI/HIM = Honorifica Imperialus/ Honorifica Imperialus Mundanus
HSO = Heroic Senior Officer
ID – Iron Discipline
JO = Junior Officer
LG – Lasgun
LI – Light Infantry
LRMBT - Leman Russ Main Battle TankPG – Plasmagun
RBT = Leman Russ Battle Tank
Reds = Redemptionists
Rets = Retributors
RR = Rough Riders
SO = Senior Officer
Vox = Speaker

Marine-related terms
AA = Artificer Armour
AC = Autocannon, Assault Cannon
ATSKNF = And they shall know no fear
BP = Bolt Pistol
CF = Chain Fist
EC = Emperor's Champion, or alternatively Emperor's Children, a Chaos Legion
F&K = Frag and Krak Grenades
HF = Heavy Flamer
IH = Iron Halo
JP = Jump Pack
LR = Land Raider, SM vehicle (Crusader is a variant model)
LRC = Land Raider Crusader
PC = Plasma Cannon
PF = Power Fist
SB = Storm Bolter
TH = Thunder Hammer

Inquisition-related terms

AoF : Acts of Faith
Arcos : Arco-flagellants
DG : Divine Guidence
Doms or Dominos : Dominions
GK : Grey Knights
GKGM : Grey Knight Grandmaster
HotE : Hand of the Emperor
LotE : Light of the Emperor
Penguins: Pentient Engines
SotM : Spirit of the Martyr
Seras: Seraphim
Rets: Retributors
VSS : Veteran Sister Superior
=I= / ][ : Inquisitor or Inquisition

Necron-related terms

Lith = Monolith
Necs, Crons = necrons
Orb = Resurection Orb
PO = Phase Out
Res Orb = Resurrection Orb
SoL = Staff of Light
TS = Tomb Spyder
Veil, VoD = Veil of Darkness
WBB = We'll Be Back, a (often maligned) Necron rule

Tau-related terms
BC = Burst Cannons
DF = Devilfish
FW = Firewarrior
HH = Hamerhead
MP = Missile Pod
PC/PR = Pulse Carbines/Pulse Rifles
RG = Rail Gun
SMS = Smart Missile System

Tyranid-related terms
RC= rending claws
ST= Scything Talons
TMC = Tyranid Monstrouc Creature (slightly special rules for those) - no longer in wide use

Chatspeak / Netlingo
AFAIK = As far as I know
bbiab = be back in a bit
bbl = be back later
brb: Be right back
BTW = by the way
FYI = for your information
g2g: Got to go
IIRC = if I recall correctly
IMHO = In my honest/humble opinion
IMO = in my opinion
jk = just kidding
LMAO = Laughing mu A$$ off
LOL = Laugh out loud
NE1 = anyone
NEbody = anybody
nm = never mind
OMG = oh my god
PPL = People
r = are
ROFL = Rolls on [the] floor laughing
ROFLOL = Rolls on [the] floor laughing out loud
u = you
w/ = with
w/out = without
WIP = work in progress
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Comisario Mayor

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MensajeTema: Re: Diccionario WH 40K   Mar Abr 19, 2011 8:06 am

Muy buen post, especialmente indicado para Arthy... xDD
No, ahora enserio, chapó por el post xDD
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Comisario Especialista
Comisario Especialista

Mensajes : 138
Lealtad : 15
Fecha de inscripción : 17/04/2011
Edad : 35

MensajeTema: Re: Diccionario WH 40K   Mar Abr 19, 2011 8:58 am

Ya sabeis, siempre podeis darle al simbolito " + " y votar positivo Wink
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Marine Espacial
Marine Espacial

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MensajeTema: Re: Diccionario WH 40K   Mar Abr 19, 2011 9:00 am

el 90% de las abreviaturas ni las conocía, buen post Smile
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Comisario Imperial

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MensajeTema: Re: Diccionario WH 40K   Mar Abr 19, 2011 9:45 am

Muy buen post, no se me ocurrió postearlo, + para ti =)
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Localización : Alicante

MensajeTema: Re: Diccionario WH 40K   Mar Abr 19, 2011 2:08 pm

pablcol escribió:
Muy buen post, especialmente indicado para Arthy... xDD
No, ahora enserio, chapó por el post xDD

Si tio es lo que tiene tener vida social que estas cosas no se aprenden a la primera. Necesito practica.
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